Complete, Fast, Non-Invasive Wound Care, Pain Relief & Quality Of Life Improvement

Clinical studies with D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) have shown extraordinary results for the role of transdermal CO2 in wound care.

In an ongoing multi-year, multi-country, multi-center, randomized clinical trial on patients with diabetic foot ulcers, D'OXYVA has demonstrated speeding up wound healing and ultimately wound closure to an average of 5 weeks while improving quality of life; sleep, pain, appetite, and mood in just a week in nearly all enrolled subjects. No adverse events of any kind were reported during and years after the studies. Learn more about D'OXYVA's clinical evidence >

Patients and physicians report quicker, more comfortable wound healing, wound closure, and overall recovery from trauma, and so-called non-healing chronic wounds related to diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Reports of significantly lower instances of pain and infection are nearly universal. Learn more about microcirculation >

  • Powerful, Affordable, Convenient, Significant Results in 2-6 Weeks
  • Patient & Doctor-Friendly, Use at Home, in Practice, or On the Go
  • Pain Free, Non-Invasive, Easy to Operate
  • No Toxicity, Zero Adverse Event Reports, No Overdosing
  • Handheld, Needing Insignificant Storage or Counter Space
  • Effective Stand Alone and Adjunct Solution, Enhancing Other Therapies as Well
  • Each Application Takes 5 Minutes, Needs No Electricity

The following images illustrate the typical example of D'OXYVA's efficacy as a stand-alone solution for closing chronic vascular disease-related wounds. All other advanced and traditional modalities have failed after a year of expert intervention at a leading military hospital. A 5-minute (16g CO2) D'OXYVA was applied twice a day on a thumb and on the wound for a total of 4 weeks and healing continued long after.

Vascular chronic wound healing, closure D'OXYVA


D'OXYVA is indicated for significant enhancements in the regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) microvascular function, skin perfusion pressure, and oxygen curve shift with cellular oxygenation (Bohr & Haldane effect), which are being recognized in a rapidly growing number of published randomized clinical trials. D'OXYVA's results have been leading to a variety of significant clinical outcomes in nearly all patients. No contraindications have been identified yet.

Microcirculation dysfunction is regarded by a growing number of published research papers as the underlying cause of the most widespread health complications for both the young and elderly. Among other things, restrictions in these processes impede the flow of antibodies, white blood cells and platelets, and rob the skin and body of oxygen.

D'OXYVA is a relatively affordable low risk, non-invasive, natural and benign, both adjunct and standalone solution for the forward-looking health facility and patient wanting to significantly reduce cost of treatment and readmission rates, while improving patient compliance.

It is a portable device that you hold in the palm of your hand and each application takes only five minutes. The supersaturated medical gas vapor produced by the D'OXYVA device is almost imperceptible when misted onto the surface of the skin or wound.


The recommended average starting dose of D'OXYVA for wound healing is 16g CO2 twice daily for 5 days per week for the first 2 weeks, and once daily for 5 days per week for another 2 weeks.

The average maintenance dose after complete wound closure may be as low as a single 16g CO2 D'OXYVA cartridge every 2-3 days. The starting and maintenance dose of D'OXYVA should be individualized according to patient characteristics such as goals of the therapy and response, and based on proper diagnosis.


Blood flow (perfusion index), oxygen (SpO2 and TcPO2), blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate variability (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve activity), blood pH, and other vitals should be analyzed within 2 to 4 weeks after starting D'OXYVA, and dosage adjusted according to results.

Stopping D'OXYVA after only 4 weeks is not recommended and it may not provide the expected long-term benefits even if major benefits and clinical outcomes were realized. Learn more about the science from expert reviews of D'OXYVA.


Essentially, Medical Carbon Dioxide is a FDA-cleared non-toxic pharmaceutical molecule (Medical Gas Safety Act 2012) and delivering it via transdermal means has demonstrated an alternative route to inhalation.

The transdermal route with Circularity's platform patented transdermal technology is a Non-Significant Risk Class I medical device available for medical use by prescription under the FDA's Investigational Device Exemption. D'OXYVA inherently carries much lower risks but much greater benefits and cost savings at the same time. Physicians in the United States are allowed to prescribe and conduct research for medical use. Read our regulatory statements.

Check out the colors of D'OXYVA® devices and start improving your wound today!

Several major long term trends are reshaping the health care industry worldwide and D'OXYVA is destined to play a vital role in helping various institutions meet their goals in the near future:

  • D'OXYVA is benefiting the patient, health care practitioner, and the entire healthcare system
  • It is providing substantial cost savings and improvements in quality of life for a wide variety of health complications, for people of all ages and backgrounds
  • The movement towards the outpatient setting; care for wounds, illness, and discomfort are facing increasing demands for expediency and non-invasiveness
  • Increasing demand for post hospitalization care, driving a need for home based wound care and inexpensive home health options
  • The increasing role of telemedicine and telediagnostics tracking patient progress and satisfaction, making patient comfort and quick recovery a top priority
  • Healthcare budgets are shrinking
  • There is decreasing reimbursement for hospital stays
  • Hospital outpatient centers and treatments are spreading

Centers of Excellence Program and Marketing Materials

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WARNING! Ask your physician before using D'OXYVA® FOR MEDICAL AND CLINICAL RESEARCH PURPOSES, prescription only. The D'OXYVA transdermal delivery device holds a growing number of Class I (low risk) medical device licenses around the world. Use for non-medical purposes is available over-the-counter (OTC) and in various retail stores online and offline. Circularity's novel D'OXYVA patented transdermal drug delivery pathway with FDA-cleared Medical Carbon Dioxide (UN1013) has not been evaluated yet by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided on this Website is for educational and research purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice (Learn more).

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Scientific evidence

D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) has demonstrated in human clinical trials to take advantage of vital physiological functions as it merges a wide variety of beneficial effects of microcirculation, balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve activities in the brain, and related mechanisms of action.

In short, based on randomized human clinical trial results, a 16g 5-minute transdermal CO2 delivery with D'OXYVA has recorded industry-leading, hours-long; sustained homeostasis in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), remote vasodilation and vasoconstriction (shunting) all over the body, average 10-25% drop of blood pressure in hypertensive subjects, 80-150% improvement in skin perfusion pressure, tissue perfusion, nutrient delivery, cell respiration, metabolism, and white and red blood cell count in every single subject enrolled. Read principal investigator and expert reviews on the User Feedback page.

Improving the microcirculatory system and nearly every subconscious organ function via the ANS at such elevated levels that has never been reported in published research before is achieved via the so-called supersaturated vaporized carbon dioxide with D'OXYVA's patented system. The autonomic nervous system's peripheral CO2 receptors signal and strengthen the parasympathetic nerve activities.

For example, the Bohr effect (oxygen curve shift) is widely known to facilitate oxygen offloading when the red blood cell's hemoglobin proteins exchange CO2 and H2O, which in turn are contributing to increased endothelial function, blood (SpO2) and tissue (TcPO2) oxygen, and blood flow volume levels throughout the entire cardiovascular system. More

How it works

D'OXYVA® is a patented method for vaporizing CO2 and water into a supersaturated soft mixture. It is utilizing CO2 as a platform non-invasive, natural, and benign transdermal delivery molecule and a catalyst for activating some of the most fundamental physiological functions at the same time.

The resulting supersaturated CO2 and H2O vapor gently sprayed on the skin or wound is a stable solution 50 times more concentrated than competing solutions.